Ed Sheeran Concert!

On Sunday night i went to see the amazing Ed Sheeran in concert, and it was truly amazing!

The support act was Anne Marie and she was so amazing as well! She performed her songs, 2002, rockabye baby, ciao adios, and perfect! She was so bubbly and fun on stage and i loved seeing her live! She also took a minute to remember the 22 people who were killed in last years Manchester bombing as it was the anniversary week and we are in Manchester so it was really lovely.

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2 down, 1 to go!

Yesterday i finally finished my second year of uni, and i cannot begin to tell you how relieved i am that the year is over!

Second year was definitely harder than i first thought it would be. I know everyone tells you that the second year of uni is the first year that counts towards your degree and things get a little tougher but boy were they wrong! Second year gets VERY tough!

At least for me it did! I had 4 assignments due in before Christmas, and 3 after! For anyone that knows me, they will know that i have family birthdays on the 30th November, and the 4th, 13th and 20th December, and one on the 10th January, meaning that when its crunch time for assignments it becomes party time for my family. As well as working a part time job everything got very stressful and when Christmas came around i was very glad for that one day off..

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