Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My names Hannah and i decided to start this blog because i often like to write down my feelings, when i am frustrated or stressed and i also love to write about other things thats going on within my life, so i thought why not write it down where someone else can read it too, and possibly relate to me, or even just enjoy the read!

My blog will focus on pretty much anything going on and everything that i love! Beauty, life, movies, tv shows, books, uni, summer fun and anything and everything else.

For the time being, my blog is going to remain anonymous simply because thats how i would like it to be, but i will still pretty much write about everything thats going on. Because i wish to remain anonymous for the time being here are a few little facts about me so that you can get to know me!

  1. Im 20 years old
  2. I study at university! I have just finished my second year.
  3. I work at Starbucks! – and no the unicorn frappuccino does not exist in the UK!!
  4. I have two siblings, both older than me. A brother and a sister, however i don’t really talk to my sister.
  5. i am obsessed with Beyonce! Im going to her concert in a few weeks and i cannot wait! This will be the 4th time i’ve seen her live!
  6. I love to hang out with my friends when i have a day off, sitting with a brew and a biscuit gossiping and catching up is my favourite thing to do with my friends although i do also love to go out for coffee, or for a bite  to eat, or to see a movie at the cinema, or even go on a road trip! Pretty much anything fun!

Thats all i can think of right now, i’m rubbish at talking about myself on the spot but i’m hoping you’ll get to know more of me through my blog!

Thank you again for visiting and i hope you enjoy it!

Han x

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