Memory Lane Roadtrip!

Yesterday i went on a little trip down memory lane! Years ago my family had a caravan in north wales so i decided to have a drive down to 2 of my favourite places i used to go!

The first stop was Llangollen. Its a very cute, small and dainty welsh village with the river at the heart of it. On a summers day its beautiful but unfortunately it did nothing but rain all day. We walked down the river side and took in all the gorgeous scenery and took in the sights. We stopped in a gorgeous little vintage shop that had some beautiful things in! Tempting but managed to keep my purse in my handbag!!


From Llangollen we went to Betws-y-coed, but the maps took us the extremely scenic route! We ended up driving for 45 minutes through snowdonia national park! It was beautiful scenery but we ended up on top of a huge hill overlooking wales, which was lovely but also very daunting to be driving that high up with a huge drop on one side of the road!


After surviving the cross country roads, we finally made it to the beautiful betws-y-coed and it was just stunning! It brought back so many memories, and we had fish and chips on the river bank which was really nice! We had a little walk round the village, but left after a short while because of the rain!

The whole day despite the weather was so lovely and taking a trip down memory lane where i used to go with my family when i was younger was so nice and it was really nice to get out the house and not just sit in!

If anyone has any suggestions on other place in the UK to go on a road trip let me know because me and my friends want to do so much over summer!

Have a beautiful day!

Han x

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