Ed Sheeran Concert!

On Sunday night i went to see the amazing Ed Sheeran in concert, and it was truly amazing!

The support act was Anne Marie and she was so amazing as well! She performed her songs, 2002, rockabye baby, ciao adios, and perfect! She was so bubbly and fun on stage and i loved seeing her live! She also took a minute to remember the 22 people who were killed in last years Manchester bombing as it was the anniversary week and we are in Manchester so it was really lovely.


It was such an amazing night, just one man, his guitar and a loop pedal and all the sound and music came from that! He put on an amazing show and i really wish i could go back and see him live again! It was so nice to be in a open roof stadium as well, and the fact its summer meant that it stayed light through most of the concert and was such nice change than being in a dark arena!

If you ever get the chance to go and see Ed Sheeran in concert, GO! He really was amazing and i could listen to him sing all day long!!

Hope everyones having a lovely week!

Han x

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