The Kissing Booth!

I spend a lot of my time watching movies and tv shows, you name it, i’ve seen it. Because of this i thought why not dedicate part of my blog to one of the things i love to do in my spare time! With summer in full force now i have a lot of free time!

Therefore, the first instalment of my Netflix reviews is.. THE KISSING BOOTH!

The Kissing Booth is your typical cheesy, coming of age film but at the same time it was one of the most heart warming films i have watched in a long time! It truly is a feel good film that is a nice easy watch to cheer you up but also bring you to tears!

The film centres on 2 best friends who have been besties since birth! They create a list of rules that they so far have followed with no complications, until one hunky brother gets in the way of that! The film takes you through their high school dilemmas as best friends, such as going to prom, other friendships, relationships, first sexual experiences and everything else.

The ups and downs of Elle and lee’s friendship really hit home to me! Im very much all or nothing with my friends, i would go to hell and back for them and this is how Elle and Lee have always been but some of their challenges they face show how a friendship can change, fall apart, but then fall back together even more than it did before.

It really is cheesy, and for some it will be a love or hate film but it is 100% worth watching! It made me smile, laugh and cry all in one!

Let me know if you watch it and whether you love it or not!

Have a fabulous week!

Han x

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