Kidnap Movie Review!

Unfortunately this review is going to be pretty short and sweet. Kidnap all in all was a good film however I found it incredibly boring.

Halle berry as always was amazing, she was so true to the character, she portrayed the worst fear a mother has incredibly well, but the film was just too similar to another film of hers called “The Call”.

If you have seen “The Call” then you’ll know that Halle Berry plays a 911 call handler who gets a call from a girl who’s been kidnapped and is In the trunk of a car. Halle berry works with authorities and her own sense of mind to help find the girl.

This is exactly what happens in Kidnap but instead she’s the mother and it’s her own child who gets kidnapped from a park and she follows the kidnapper and hunts them down.

There is a huge scene where she is chasing the kidnapper down the highway and she loses them, the finds them again, and she gets closer, then further away and it honestly gets your heart racing but for me the two films were just far too similar for me to enjoy kidnap. I think i even found it harder to watch because both main characters from the two films were played by Halle berry. In all honesty it surprised me that she did kidnap knowing just how similar it was to a previous film of hers!

If anyone has watched Kidnap first and hasn’t seen the call let me know what you think of the film as you may have viewed it from a different perspective than me!

I really wanted to love this film because it seemed like my kind of film and the trailer looked SO good but I just found it so hard to get into! Let me know if you watch it and what you think!

Happy Watching!

Han x

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