I Feel Pretty Review

Okay so the other day i went to see “I Feel Pretty” with my best friend and i was SO excited to see it. We had been waiting since the beginning of may when it came out to go and see it but due to work schedules it took us until now. ANYWAY, moving on swiftly..

The film all together was a really good film and i am really glad that i got to go and see it in the cinema and with my best friend. However, for me the film was really slow and i struggled to enjoy it as much as i thought i would.


The film is all about Renee and her low self esteem issues as she navigates her way through the superficial world she seems to have found herself in. She hates her job, her body and anything else that doesn’t seem to make her happy. She struggles to date, to get served at the bar before all the “pretty” girls and just generally is not loving her life.

As the film continues, she goes to a soul cycle class, falls off and hits her head. Waking up looking at herself in a completely different way. Believing that her body is slim, smooth, beautiful and in a shape that she has always wanted it to be in.

When this first happens its hilarious. Everyone around her is looking at her normally and she introduces herself as a new person, believing that she looks so different that her friends won’t recognise her..but they do.

She hasn’t changed physically…Just whats in her head has changed.

In a sense its as-if there was this misty fog in her head, blocking her from seeing just how capable and amazing she can be whether she’s beautiful or not. Now that fog has gone and she finally see’s herself as beautiful and capable.

Once she found this new sense of confidence, she takes the risk of interviewing for new and better jobs, and works her way up the career ladder at this amazing beauty company. She has the confidence to ask guys out on a date, or to push her way to the front of the queue at a bar or to at-least make her presence known so she can get served faster.

But this is where i get confused. The film is meant to be about feeling pretty in YOUR body. Yet she is seeing a different body and is then happy.. Did she somehow end up with body dysmorphia? I don’t even know. It wasn’t scripted to be she hit her head and was given a wake up call to just how beautiful and amazing she is and then realising her own body is beautiful no matter what size and she can do anything. Like going and getting the job she has always wanted. She had to see a completely different body for her to be happy..  She thought her ‘new body’ was unrecognisable to the people that have known her for years, and no-one even told her that she looked the same? They just laughed.

Theres then another scene where she slips in the shower, and wakes up and sees her normal self again. Back to believing she is not beautiful and that she hates her body..Back to square one.

I honestly thought the movie would be about her coming to terms with the fact her body is the shape, size and way that it is and she is absolutely beautiful that way. That she hits her head and it knocks some sense into her that she is beautiful, capable, smart funny and pretty and she begins to appreciate her body and uses it to be confident and go after all the things she’s always wanted. Instead, it seemed more like a temporary case of body dysmorphia.. It was strange.

When we get to the end of the film there was a scene where she shows a picture of her before and after her new found confidence and she realises that actually the two photos are pretty much the same and nothing was different and all of this was made up in her head and only in the final scene do you get that sense of appreciation for the body she was given. But because this was only shown in the final scene it didn’t really hit home to me that everyone should love their bodies just the way they are. The film isn’t about appreciating your body, well it is, but it doesn’t come across this way. I didn’t sit there at the end of the film thinking “F*ck yeah im beautiful just the way i am” i was just a little confused. Which was sad. Because from watching the trailers thats how i thought the film would go.

I love Amy Schumer, i have seen her in train-wreck and snatched and i was SO excited for this movie but it was just a little flop for me. If any of you have seen Amy in her stand up shows you know her humour is something else and i feel it was just a little constricted in this movie and the full Amy didn’t shine through, at least her humour didn’t in my opinion.

Nonetheless, i do think this movie did portray the true feelings that a lot of women feel when they aren’t body confident and feel looked down on those who are desired to be more beautiful, funnier, prettier, and smarter. It also showed just how confidence in itself can be life changing. Whether your not body confident, or just simply not confident in yourself in general it can be so debilitating to your own life and it just goes to show how a little confidence can go a long way and change your life for the better.

So, my final note, thank you Amy Schumer for showing that confidence is key, and our abilities are not defined by how pretty, funny or smart we are. Every woman is magical in their own special, unique way.

Have a beautiful day,

Han x

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