5 Places i Want To Visit!

For a while now i have been wanting to travel to new places and my list seems to be getting longer by the day!

So many of my friends have gone off travelling for a year or two and have comeback saying it was the best thing they had ever done. Whilst i do want to travel i don’t think i could move away from home and everyone i love for years to do it and so i want to travel here and there over the course of the next few years but do each place nice and the right way!

First on my list is the big apple! NEW YORK CITY!


For as long as i can remember i’ve wanted to visit New York. I love the hustle and bustle of big cities, London being one of my favourite and New York just appeals to me so much! My want to visit New York was confirmed even more after watching Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and Gossip Girl. I want to see Central Park, Times Square, Statue Of Liberty, Empire State, 9/11 memorial, One World Trade Centre, just everything in New York i want to see!! Im hoping to go next year!

Second on my list of my 5 most desired place to go is, VANCOUVER, CANADA.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 01.03.01.png

Vancouver just looks absolutely beautiful and i love that it is a city, but its surrounded by snow topped mountains and the ocean. It just seems such a beautiful destination and i would love to visit one day. I don’t really know of any touristy things to do in Canada but i’ll be sure to research them when i book a trip there one day!

Third on my list is the amazing SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.


SO many of my friends and family have visited australia, if not Sydney and it just looks amazing! Beautiful beaches, especially Bondi! I’d love to visit Hamilton island, Sydney opera house, and i would LOVE to walk up and over the Sydney harbour bridge! Id also love to visit Australia Zoo, home of the Irwin family because since a young age i was obsessed with Steve Irwin and loved watching him on television and as i’ve gotten older, i’ve started following his daughter Bindi on social media and i just still love the Irwin family so i would really love to go.

Fourth on the list is ICELAND.


Home of the Blue Lagoon, and captivating sights, Iceland is a must on my travel list. The ice topped mountains, waterfalls and lagoons just make Iceland so picturesque and if i’m honest, i want to go purely for the blue lagoon! I’ve been told that once in Iceland it can be quite expensive so its a trip that definitely needs bit of saving up for but i will definitely get myself there one day!

Last but not least on my travel list is the vibrant, SINGAPORE!

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 01.32.19.png

Singapore has been one of the places i have wanted to visit for quite some time now! It just looks SO beautiful and i love to experience different cultures and i think Singapore’s culture is just amazing. Some of the places i want to visit in Singapore is the Gardens by the bay, botanical garden, Sentosa, Merlion Park, visit Marina bay and go on the Singapore Flyer! Singapore just seems to have so many breathtaking sights, not forgetting the amazing Marina Bay Sands hotel that consists of 3 towers with an infinity pool spacing across the top of all 3 towers (see photo)!!!

So this is my 5 places i want to visit at some point in my life! If anyone has been to any of these places or knows of any really good travel guides please let me know!!

There will be another blog post either tomorrow or Friday all about the Beyonce & Jay-Z concert i’m going to tonight!! Im so excited! See you then!

Have a beautiful day x

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