On The Run II Tour

Wednesday night was one of the most amazing nights of my life! I got to go to the On The Run II Tour and it was just unbelievable!

From the outfits, the staging, the home videos to the set list just everything was so amazing and out of this world! Their famous elevator fight, meant that for this tour they came on stage by opening the huge screen in the middle of the stage to them at the top, coming down on an elevator and then walking onto stage singing Holy Grail which was just amazing!

I’ve added some of the professional photos in here just so you guys can see just how amazing the outfits and the show were!!

I honestly had the best night of my life, it was the 4th time i’d seen Beyonce live and she gets better and better every time! She constantly puts on an amazing show and she is simply stunning. The concert started a little late at around 8.15 but didn’t finish till 10.40pm so there was two and a half hours of performing from this amazing duo which was just non stop.

I personally think they divided the show up perfectly between, Beyonce’s songs, Jay Z’s songs and then their songs together. Also, the way they entered and left the stage when one of them came back on and the other went off was done so well, that there was never a moment of silence, when Jay Z would come to the end of his song there would be this huge musical ending that would transition into a huge entrance for Beyonce to come back on, or when it was time for them to sing together again, they timed everything perfectly so one song transitioned into another and one of them just magically appeared back on stage! It was just amazing! I could go on and on about how amazing it was but they are both amazing performers, there really is no doubt about that!

If you ever get the chance to go and see Beyonce live you should go, tickets are always expensive but she is worth every penny because of the show she puts on! If anyone is going to any of the shows throughout the tour, have an AMAZING time!!!

Han x

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