To My Dad on Fathers Day..

To my wonderful, annoying, amazing, kind and caring dad, there isn’t enough words to tell you just how amazing you are.

You have been by my side for as long as i can remember. You took me to school, you helped me with my homework, especially maths because you were the best at it and i just didn’t get it. You bought me my first bottle of alcohol, even when i was still under age in the hopes id drink far too much, get the worst hangover and never want to drink again but that didn’t happen (sorry)!

You helped me with college applications, my personal statement for university and came with me to all the open days to help me pick the best university for me. You helped me pick my first car, but always made me pay for everything so id learn the impact of money and being financially responsible. You help me with everything possible, from cleaning makeup brushes with me just so we can chat, to dropping me off if i ever need a lift. We may not spend a lot of one on one time together but those little moments we do spend together i cherish SO much! You are my voice of reason when my head ends up in whirlwind and just my best friend!

You taught me that to learn properly, you must make mistakes and learn from them, and its okay to make mistakes.

Today and all days, i love you and thank you for being there for me always, but always giving me the space to grow and do what i need to do.

All my Love, Han x

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