Goodbye June, Hello July!

Wow. I cannot believe we are in July already! It honestly feels like it was 2 minutes ago when i was writing my monthly run down for June! This past month after only starting my blog in the middle of may has been such a good month and i have learnt so much it is unbelievable! There have been some really good moments and a few downfalls!

My first blogging win for June was when i finally got my head around WordPress and scheduling posts and scheduling for my blog to change! I managed to schedule a post to publish whilst i was working, but i also scheduled for the layout of my blog to change so that the new blog post would appear within the drop down menu under the category it was for! (see photo)

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.52.08.png

I also came across Tweetdeck! Its a website that allows you to schedule tweets to be posted when you aren’t on twitter so this was another win when i found this and it let me shout from the rooftops about a new blog post that had been published when i was nowhere near my phone! To some this may be a majorly small win or it might be nothing new and that i’m extremely behind on all this, but to me it was something new, and i surprised myself that i got my head around it! It gave me a little confident boost that i’m slowly getting my head around this whole blogging business!!

A little downfall in June for me was not being able to blog as much as i wanted to due to work commitments. I’ve managed to do quite a few extra shifts and work a lot more hours than i normally would so i’ve been simply running out of time in the day and i’ve also had a little bit of writers block if thats the right term! Ive got loads of topics that i want to talk about, finding ideas isn’t the problem. It’s just the writing that is. Every time i sit down at my desk, i find my hands unable to type the words my minds saying.. Which is extremely annoying.

In terms of my monthly goals for June, i reached 100 followers on twitter which i was so excited about. However i didn’t reach 50 followers on my blog, but thats okay! I’m only a month and a half in and i’m having no expectations and simply just enjoying the ride! My other goal was too read a book and although i didn’t read the book i wanted too, i have been reading book on analysing data for my dissertation so i guess you could say i’ve accomplished that goal in some kind of way! Or at-least thats what i’m going to tell myself!

Overall, June has been a good month. My page views are slowly but surely getting better, and i’m getting more into the swing of things. When i first started, i was writing whatever seemed right to write. But after looking over my page views i saw which kind of posts were doing better than the others and i’ve realised that what i enjoy writing about most, are the posts that do better in terms of page views, so i’m going to continue to do that! If anyone has any tips on pushing through writers block and knocking down that wall then please comment below or tweet me!

My goals for July, are to simply blog regularly, keep tweeting and socialising with all the wonderful bloggers out there and reach 5o followers on my blog and 200 followers on twitter. My other goal is to at least start the book i bought with the intention of reading! Anything else that happens is a bonus and i’m going easy on myself this month whilst i still get into the swing of things.

I hope everyone has a wonderful July, reaches their new goals and simply enjoys the wonderful weather were having at the moment!

Han x


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