Top Tips For When You First Start Driving

3 years ago i passed my driving test first time round and ever since i have loved driving and i honestly don’t know what i’d do without my car! However, there are a number of things that i wish i had known before i decided to buy a car, and things i wish id done different whilst in my first few months of driving.

There was also nothing on the internet or anywhere that told be about these things and being a young driver all i knew was that my insurance would be expensive! So because of that i’ve decided to compile a few of my top tips of things to do and not to do for when you first get yourself on the road!

Tip 1 – New or Old Car?

When it comes to buying your first car, id always suggest buy a older car that isn’t worth as much because 1, it will be cheaper for you to buy first off and 2, when your in your first year of driving its normal to have a few little bumps or scrapes and therefore dinting or scraping an older car won’t be an issue. Whereas if you scrape or dint a brand new car your going to be devastated and it will more than likely cost more to repair!

Tip 2 – Save, save, save!

For me, my first car was a good but old little run around car that was 14 years old and cost me £300. The insurance was NOT cheap in the first year but it was affordable. However, having a car thats 14 years old meant that i often had issues with all the little things but its all the nifty little things that cost me most in repairs or replacements. So my second tip is before you get a car to save up as much money as you can and have a backup fund so when something does go wrong with the car you have the money to get it fixed, or replaced instead of being left with no car because you can’t afford to fix it!

Tip 3 – Don’t Become a Taxi

When i first got my car i was so in love with it and the fact that i could drive i was happy to pick up my friends and take them anywhere simply because of the novelty of it. Although when the novelty wore off and i realised i was burning through petrol and money like crazy and i started saying no to giving people lifts then there was issues. People soon become reliant on those who give them lifts and until some of my friends had their own cars they thought id just randomly changed my mind on being helpful when in fact i just simply didn’t have the money to burn through.

Tip 4 – Washer Fluid 

Okay, so this one may seem silly and pretty ridiculous but one of my top tips is to ALWAYS keep your washer fluid topped up! There is honestly nothing worse than when your driving along and your window ends up smeared with some kind of dirt and you can’t wash it off because theres no fluid in the washers! What makes it worse is when you press for them to come on making your wipers move across the window but no water appears so it only makes the issue worse, spreading the dirt further across your window!! It is my number one pet hate not having a clear front window! I often buy the big bottles of washer fluid for £2.50 from Asda and fill my car with that and it lasts absolutely ages!

Tip 5 – Emergency Box & Other Items 

My most important tip that i cannot advise anyone enough of is to have a “emergency box” in your car. I have one in my car and i keep it in the trunk of my car and it consist of

  • Paracetamol (nothing worse than a headache when driving long distance)
  • Tampons/sanitary pads
  • Coin purse with some money in (incase you run out of fuel somehow and don’t have anything with you
  • Piece of paper with relatives phone numbers on (again in case you breakdown, your battery on your phone dies and you don’t know their numbers)

I also have a blanket in my car, its only an old picnic blanket but i keep it in the trunk of my car incase i break down and i have to wait for a while and its cold – They always say if you breakdown on the motorway your not meant to stay in the car. I also always keep my winter coat in the trunk of my car as well. This is because if i’m ever going anywhere i can never forget my coat because its always in mica but also in case of emergencies to keep me warm also.

I think this is everything i would advise for someone who is about to start driving for the first time! Its pretty much prepare for anything because the smallest of things can cause issues with cars and thats when it hits you. Luckily the only things i’ve ever had to use from my emergency box are tampons and paracetamol!

I hope some of this has been helpful and everyone enjoys their week!

Han x



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