Turning 21 Rant.. Why i’m Not Excited in The Slightest!

In just short of 4 months I’ll be 21.. if I’m honest I’m not even that excited. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do for my 21st and I just don’t know. Unfortunately my birthday is the beginning of December which means Christmas isn’t far away and no one has any money to do anything exciting because all their money is going towards Christmas. As well as that downfall, in my first and second year of university I had 4 assignments due in around the 10th December which means the week before was just spent doing coursework, right when i would be celebrating my birthday!

In all honesty, I don’t get why 21st birthdays are so well thought of.. I can already drink, I can drive, there isn’t anything that you can then do once turning 21.. You can already do everything here in the UK.

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Too Much Information.. |TMI Tag!

Today I’m going to be doing the TMI tag! I saw this on Keeping It Karen and i loved the idea, so decided to give it a go! I think the questions are really fun and hopefully through this, you can all get to know me better.

What are you wearing? 

tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt – todays been a lazy day thats called for comfy clothes.

Ever been in love? 

Yes i have!

Ever had a terrible breakup? 

Yes, and it was awful.

How tall are you? 


How much do you weigh? 

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Being a Starbucks Barista: Is it All Its Cracked Up To Be?

So some of you may know that i am a barista at Starbucks in the UK. Yes, it is important for me to say the UK because the difference between Starbucks in the US and the UK is incredibly different. American Starbucks stores have drinks i’ve never even heard of before! That’s how crazy the difference is!

What Is a Barista?

SO many people get confused between Barista and a Barrister! When i first told my grandma i was going to be a Barista, she thought i meant a lawyer. Bless her! But no, a Barista is someone who makes coffee. Not to be confused with someone who works in a  court of law.

The starbucks Hype?

I’ve never really understood the Starbucks hype. Before i worked there, i would grab a latte or a white hot chocolate (they are too die for and taste like milky bar buttons) on my way to college but i wasn’t obsessed with Starbucks, nor did i post my cup on instagram. If i’m honest, even now after working there for two years i still don’t understand the hype. It is just coffee at the end of the day but everyone loves it. Which is great but i just don’t get it myself. I have served customers on the drive thru window who refuse to drive off  without taking a selfie with the cup or taking multiple pictures of their drink first. The amount of times i have too ask customers to move along because there is a huge queue that cannot be held waiting because they want a mini photoshoot is ridiculous. If your that desperate to take photos, come inside the store and take a million, but please don’t hold up my drive through queue when its 10pm at night and my shift was meant to of already ended! Yes, thats also right, 10pm at night.. i work at a 24 hour drive thru Starbucks store.. I knew what i was signing myself up for and i still don’t know why i went for the job! Im kidding!! At least i think i am.. I do surprisingly love my job but it is exhausting and hard at times.

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The Mess of July and The Sunday of Summer!

July has been a crazy, weird, emotional, long month full of ups and downs. Off the top of my head i can’t even remember any of the goals i set myself for July but ill be honest in saying i probably haven’t reached any of them. I was all ready for July to be a great month for me and my blog and if im honest it all went tits up..

July’s Ups and Downs

A lot seemed to happen through July! I ended up working some crazy shifts at work which meant my sleeping pattern got ridiculously messed up, which then meant i was just constantly tired and in a state of all i wanted to do was sit or lie down and do nothing when i wasn’t working.

I seemed to loose all motivation to write, to even post on my socials anymore and i just felt myself slipping away into this unknown area of nothingness. I was tired, grumpy, lethargic and i just wasn’t me. Instead of trying to force myself to write all the time i simply took a step back from forcing myself to write something and just had a break. I put July on hold with the hopes of coming back refreshed and ready for august and the coming months.

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