Turning 21 Rant.. Why i’m Not Excited in The Slightest!

In just short of 4 months I’ll be 21.. if I’m honest I’m not even that excited. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do for my 21st and I just don’t know. Unfortunately my birthday is the beginning of December which means Christmas isn’t far away and no one has any money to do anything exciting because all their money is going towards Christmas. As well as that downfall, in my first and second year of university I had 4 assignments due in around the 10th December which means the week before was just spent doing coursework, right when i would be celebrating my birthday!

In all honesty, I don’t get why 21st birthdays are so well thought of.. I can already drink, I can drive, there isn’t anything that you can then do once turning 21.. You can already do everything here in the UK.

In America it’s different because once your 21, you can legally drink but there’s nothing that comes of turning 21 here in the UK. I also think that with everything thats happened this year i just feel a little deflated on being all excited and celebrating my 21st because theres always some people that i thought would be at my 21st and it turns out they won’t be unfortunately…

I’d love to do a little weekend break with my friends but because everyone is back at university, and asking work for time off during the busy Christmas period isn’t a possibility i’m not going to be able to do that. My mum’s suggested a million times over to have a party, but if i’m honest i don’t like enough people to have a party! As awful as that sounds its true. I just have a small group of friends who are absolutely amazing and i don’t bother with anyone else.

I’m also really worried that what i’d want to do, no one else would and they’d just feel like their being dragged along. So, i’m gonna tell you my few ideas i have and you’ll have to let me know if theres any on there that would be a huge no, for you guys so maybe i can reevaluate that idea or get rid of it off my list!

  • Spa Day then girls night sleepover
  • Night out, with cocktail making beforehand
  • weekend trip, London or Edinburgh (Christmas markets perk)

I think i’d love the spa day followed by a chilled night with drinks, snacks and chick flick but i guess we’ll see!

If anyone has any other ideas for celebrating turning 21 that will be fun but not too much of a fuss then please let me know because i think may cry if i’m asked one more time what i’m doing and i still have no clue!

Have a wonderful week everyone and i’ll see you Wednesday for a brand new blog post!

Han x

One thought on “Turning 21 Rant.. Why i’m Not Excited in The Slightest!

  1. It’s such a shame that you’re not looking forward to your birthday. For me I don’t really celebrate my birthday so I tend to just look forward to a new year and think about everything good I have in my life


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