Just a Little Life Update..

Hey Everyone! I thought i’d just do a little life update today and just touching on a few subjects that i’ve already spoken about!

University, Dissertations and Placements

First of all, im finally back at university after an extremely long 6 months off! Yes, i was off for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!! My lectures finished in March, and i only had two exams in may so apart from them i wasn’t going into university since then and it has been a strangely calm yet weird adjustment heading back to Uni!

I started last week, with a week of “work ready training” as they keep calling it and that was Monday – Friday, all day long. It was definitely the longest week of my life but it was a really good week and thank fully i learnt a lot that will actually be useful during my third year.

Now every week I’m only in on a Monday and Thursday which is absolutely amazing! I was so worried that because my third year is so important they would have us in on more days and i’d struggle to continue with my part time job, as well as my blog! Luckily, I’m only in for 2 hours on a Monday and 6 hours on a Thursday, as well as having a 2 hour break on a Thursday! Hence why your reading this lovely blog post now!!

I’m also starting my placement next week and i am beyond excited to get started! Im nervous too, but i think my excitement outweighs my nerves!

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When Summer Collapses into Fall..

I honestly cannot believe i’m saying this again, when i feel like i only said this two minutes ago but i cannot believe another month has gone by. The year is flying by so quickly, quicker than what i can keep up with and here we are again with another monthly post of how things have been going. 

I was all ready for august to be my month. My month to get my head fully into blogging, to post regularly and really get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, I was hit with the bug that seems to be going round the mill and i was ill for about 3 weeks in total. Where i work i was one of the first people to get it, but working in a small environment with over 40 different staff members, meant that even once i’d had the bug once i ended up with it for a second time. 

It meant that august became a month of being sick, exhausted and lethargic. It really was not my month at all, but that’s okay. Because as it happens, the months are flying by so quickly and maybe one month doesn’t need to be MY month. I just need to get myself back into my routine, and blogging regularly whether thats at the beginning, middle or end of the month. I think i’m making myself feel like i’m failing more by saying “this is when i’ll start again” or “this is my goal” because quite frankly, when your just a part-time blogger, working 40 hours a week elsewhere doing different shifts all the time, it’s an accomplishment to even get yourself into a routine. 

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