Just a Little Life Update..

Hey Everyone! I thought i’d just do a little life update today and just touching on a few subjects that i’ve already spoken about!

University, Dissertations and Placements

First of all, im finally back at university after an extremely long 6 months off! Yes, i was off for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!! My lectures finished in March, and i only had two exams in may so apart from them i wasn’t going into university since then and it has been a strangely calm yet weird adjustment heading back to Uni!

I started last week, with a week of “work ready training” as they keep calling it and that was Monday – Friday, all day long. It was definitely the longest week of my life but it was a really good week and thank fully i learnt a lot that will actually be useful during my third year.

Now every week I’m only in on a Monday and Thursday which is absolutely amazing! I was so worried that because my third year is so important they would have us in on more days and i’d struggle to continue with my part time job, as well as my blog! Luckily, I’m only in for 2 hours on a Monday and 6 hours on a Thursday, as well as having a 2 hour break on a Thursday! Hence why your reading this lovely blog post now!!

I’m also starting my placement next week and i am beyond excited to get started! Im nervous too, but i think my excitement outweighs my nerves!

21st Birthday Troubles

For anyone who read my blog post about how undecided i was about what to do for my 21st Birthday, i have FINALLY decided on what I’m doing, thank god!

Im going on a mini staycation with my best friends to London! Having a December birthday has finally come in handy, because it means all the Christmas markets and winter wonderland will be on in London when we go so it will be all crisp and magical! I honestly cant wait! Also, because i have the most amazing parents, there paying for both mine and my friends accommodation whilst were there so it meant all my best friends were able to come and afford an amazing weekend which i will be so thankful for!

With us all having this extra little bit of spending money behind us, i really want to make the weekend special, so i’m looking for really cute things to do as a group! If anyone has any suggestions of good places to go, or things to do please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!

Friendship Breakdowns! 

There was also a slight development last weekend! If you remember my previous blog post Breaking up With Your Best Friend then you’ll know that a few months ago, i ended my friendship with one of my closest friends! I saw her for the first time in months last weekend at a mutual friends birthday and I’m so pleased that everything was fine, we were able get along for our mutual friend. HOWEVER, i got a text off her a few days after asking to be friends again but still there was no apology. I honestly was so shocked but I’m so over the whole thing and my life has honestly been so much simpler, easier and better without her in to that i decided to decline her offer to be friends again, and honestly i felt so much better. To hear her ask to be friends again, gave me the reassurance that i was right about everything that went down, and all the lies i thought she was spinning me, i was right to think that. It really put this whole thing to bed for me, and I’m so relived and happy. Some people just aren’t meant to be in your life forever and although thats sad, its always for a reason whether you figure that out straight away, or years later.

Passion Project 

If many of you follow me on twitter, then you will have seen that i’ve started a little passion project of my own. Ive decided to create a blog, thats for the bloggers but written by the bloggers and it launches on Monday! Its called The Blogger Spotlight and I am beyond excited but also a little nervous! So if you haven’t already, please follow The Blogger Spotlight on twitter for all the information! It would mean so much!!


I’ve seen so many tweets and posts recently about blogging and having a “schedule” and all of that and i have decided that for my blog, I’m not going too have a schedule, because my schedule due to my part time job changes on a weekly basis so that just wouldn’t work for me. I also haven’t posted in a while and thats because i’ve been a little too busy, but also because I’m preparing for blogtober! Im really looking forward to this as its my first blogtober and i’m just so excited for fall!

Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you Monday!

Han xo

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