The Mess of July and The Sunday of Summer!

July has been a crazy, weird, emotional, long month full of ups and downs. Off the top of my head i can’t even remember any of the goals i set myself for July but ill be honest in saying i probably haven’t reached any of them. I was all ready for July to be a great month for me and my blog and if im honest it all went tits up..

July’s Ups and Downs

A lot seemed to happen through July! I ended up working some crazy shifts at work which meant my sleeping pattern got ridiculously messed up, which then meant i was just constantly tired and in a state of all i wanted to do was sit or lie down and do nothing when i wasn’t working.

I seemed to loose all motivation to write, to even post on my socials anymore and i just felt myself slipping away into this unknown area of nothingness. I was tired, grumpy, lethargic and i just wasn’t me. Instead of trying to force myself to write all the time i simply took a step back from forcing myself to write something and just had a break. I put July on hold with the hopes of coming back refreshed and ready for august and the coming months.

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Ed Sheeran Concert!

On Sunday night i went to see the amazing Ed Sheeran in concert, and it was truly amazing!

The support act was Anne Marie and she was so amazing as well! She performed her songs, 2002, rockabye baby, ciao adios, and perfect! She was so bubbly and fun on stage and i loved seeing her live! She also took a minute to remember the 22 people who were killed in last years Manchester bombing as it was the anniversary week and we are in Manchester so it was really lovely.

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