My First Blogtober & What To Expect

So, its finally the 1st of October and this is my very first Blogtober. Now, i’ve done so much reading about what to write about over the next month, and i could have prepared much more than i have for this month, but as organised as i am, i decided to put my own spin on Blogtober.

So many bloggers seem to stay on the subject of all things fall and cold, from what i could read of last years blogtober posts, which made for some amazing reading. However, in order to make my blog mine and unique to me, I’ve decided to simply write each post, on the day and whatever it will be, it will be. I don’t want to hold myself to write about certain topics each day and find myself with little or no inspiration when writing or having to force myself to write it.

I started my blog because i wanted somewhere to express my feelings, my completely random, strange, odd and uncensored feelings, but i chose to have them here on this blog all in one place, to have somewhere and something to look back on in years to come.

Whether it brings laughter to whoever reads it, or comfort if theres anyone out there that may have the same thoughts, worries, and questions that i do.

So, this was day 1 with a little introduction with what Blogtober will be like here on Hannah’s World and I really hope you enjoy reading and happy Blogtober to everyone!!

Han xo

My Mother’s an Angel..

If anyone follows me on twitter you’ll know that the last two or three days i’ve been a little quiet and this is because one of my closest friends has been staying with me and my family.

On Tuesday both her and her brother got into a huge argument over something pretty simple. However, and i hate to say it but her mums got a screw loose! A simple argument with her brother, her mum then got involved with when it wasn’t needed and her mum  told her to “F*** off and don’t come back”.

When a brother and sister argue and their mother decides to get involved and then say something like that, it is just disgusting. There is just no need for it what so ever. Obviously she came to me, crying her eyes out just simply distraught. She stayed at my house the first night, and another night and in a weird way it was so nice to have girls night two nights in a row and spend some quality friend time together but it was also so sad that it came to this.

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